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Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) and the Oracle Exadata Database Machine are two common approaches for deploying consolidated applications within a single shared database grid. Both approaches can help reduce hardware costs by enabling consolidation
while offering increased availability, faster performance, and flexible scalability. What is less known is that the storage environment chosen for Oracle Database 11g deployments and also have a big impact on cost savings and operational efficiency.

DOT2DATA large staff allows us to create a team with the specific skill sets required to accomplish even the most challenging of tasks in Oracle Technologies. This includes:

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Non-Oracle fail over technologies including (Veritas Clustering, IBM HACMP and Windows Clustering)
  • Oracle Messaging
  • Oracle Data Warehousing
  • Advanced Replication
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Upgrades/Installations
  • Oracle versions varies from 9i to 11gr2
  • High Availability
  • Oracle In-Memory Database Cache
  •  Oracle Direct NFS
  •  Oracle Advanced Compression Option
  •  Hybrid Columnar Compression
  •  Oracle Advanced Security
  •  Oracle Database Vault
  •  OracleDatabase Firewall
  •  Oracle Exadata Database Machine


DOT2DATA’s MySQL services offering new features that allow you to boost application performance and improve DBA productivity with the new MySQL Query Analyzer and MySQL Enterprise 5.1

  • Trace, monitor, and analyze MySQL query activity for all servers
  • Pinpoint poorly performing code so you can make fixes
  •  Improve performance by up to three times in days, not weeks.
  • Table and index partitioning – faster query-response times improves performance
  • Row-based and hybrid replication – the safest and most efficient replication scheme for your application
  • MySQL Event Scheduler – schedule and automate common recurring SQL-based tasks.



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