Dot2Data Soluctions

Case Study

Dot2data Solutions Pvt. Ltd has internally developed and deployed a web
based workflow and database management system for use by its recruiters and
customer relationship staff. The tool enables the customer relationship
staff to instantly inform Dot2data Solutions Pvt. Ltd pool of recruiters in
the US and in India on customer needs. Since the recruiters are distributed
over opposing time zones, any new requirement is instantly acted upon
irrespective of the time of the day, ensuring prompt response.

Being a technological company, Dot2data Solutions Pvt. Ltd has internal
technical staff to vet the candidate’s competency in the required skills
before forwarding the resume to customer, thereby ensuring superior quality
of candidates presented.

Dot2data Solutions Pvt. Ltd Private Limited subscribes to the popular
internet job sites such as Monster and Naukri which are accessible by all
the recruiters. In addition, Dot2data Solutions Pvt. Ltd has an extensive
database of candidates, which is researched automatically using a
proprietary search mechanism.

Dot2data Solutions Pvt. Ltd deploys a significantly higher number of
recruiters to a customer requisition than the prevailing industry standard.
We are able to do this without increasing overheads because it uses trained
recruiters from India. This increases the number of responses Dot2data
Solutions Pvt. Ltd Private Limited is able to deliver against each customer

Post selection record maintenance and processing is also done using other
features of the tool such as online timesheet input, electronic timesheet
delivery to supervisor, categorized time usage data etc.


With the advent of the iDatabase and the reliance on Oracle for E-Commerce, most organizations find that successfully deploying and operating their platform requires expert assistance. Oracle is a robust and complex product, and organizations that invest in this technology need to understand its support requirements. The Database Administrator (DBA) has classically provided support for just the Oracle database, but in most environments the role requires more. The DBA must sometimes be an expert in design, development, implementation, support, even internet technology, but not every organization needs all of these skills concurrently, nor even at the same location.

This paper will distinguish between the various roles, and help the IT manager determine what skills are needed during which part of the project lifecycle, Click here


Oracle Exadata is a database appliance with support for both OLTP (transactional) and OLAP (analytical) database systems. It was initially designed in collaboration between Oracle Corporation and Hewlett Packard. Oracle designed the database, operating system (based on the Oracle Linux distribution), and storage software whereas HP designed the hardware for it. After Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, in 2010 Oracle announced the Exadata Version 2 with improved performance and Sun storage systems.

This Paper gives information about Exadata Implementation and architecture Click here

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