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About Us

Dot2Data Solutions, pvt Ltd A Databases Services Company offering world-class Remote Databases Management Services. Our strengths are our technical expertise in making diverse technologies work together and our commitment to quality and delivery.

Remote Database Administration is a service provided by a third-party vendor, in which a client’s database environment is monitored and managed from a remote location.

Dot2Data offers high quality, cost effective software solutions and consultancy services for strategic partnerships in Remote DBA Services.

Since our inception we have been providing IT services to the Financial, Telecom & All other Domains.

DOT2DATA remote support provider comprises Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server support and serves our esteemed clients the world over.

DOT2DATA has a remote DBA team, which consist of members who are all certified professionals. Our remote DOT2DATA team has a zeal for excellence. DOT2DATA specializes in remote DBA for mission-critical databases that entail high levels of accuracy and consistency.

DOT2DATA uses our special proprietary remote database monitoring and support techniques that will ensure proactive tuning for your database.

DOT2DATA carefully protects your data privacy and uses only trustworthy Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, Hadoop experts.



Nine pointers that will help overhaul your database needs

  1. Proficiency – DOT2DATA team of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database administration experts has the practical experience and technical know-how to proficiently manage your Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server Database(s).
  2. Fixed Monthly Cost – With declining Information Technology (IT) budgets – the cost of hiring and retaining full–time DBAs or consultants can cause considerable dents in budgets. DOT2DATA will enable your company to move forward with your IT initiatives while saving on the monetary costs. With DOT2DATA the client doesn’t have to worry about hidden fees – because our fixed monthly cost is totally straightforward.
  3. 100% In-house Service – DOT2DATA does not outsource its services to 3rd party organizations. When you choose DOT2DATA to work for you. You can be confident that your Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database(s) will be serviced by DOT2DATA’ in–house Data Base Administrators – not a subcontractor. By not outsourcing – DOT2DATA is able to closely monitor its rigorous DBA selection process. Hence DOT2DATA can ensure quality of service and security for the client’s proprietary information.
  4. Taking Preventive Action – DOT2DATA active approach ensures that the client’s databases are performing at optimal levels, thus decreasing the chance of lost revenue due to database complications. From the combination of extensive field experience, proprietary database appliance and state-of-the-art toolsets, our DBAs are able to recognize the warning signs of database failure and take preventive actions before your business suffers.
  5. High Customer Satisfaction – DOT2DATA only has clients who are extremely satisfied with our services. We have been committed to providing unwavering quality to our valued customers.
  6. DOT2DATA Proprietary Database Appliance – DOT2DATA clients are provided with proprietary database appliance that automatically checks the health of their database(s) systematically every few seconds. By using DOT2DATA database appliance – all communication with your company is done safely and securely while meeting stringent security requirements.
  7. Database Specialists – DOT2DATA are experts who know your Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database(s) inside and out. DOT2DATA is in one business and one business only – database administration. We use an assigned–team approach to give maximum personalized service to our clients.
  8. 24/7 Service – DOT2DATA team of expert DBAs will provide your company with immediate assistance when it is most required. DOT2DATA has a fully functional database operations center staffed 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  9. Prevent In–house DBA Burnout – If a client wants to continue with their current DBA; DOT2DATA will supplement his strengths, reduce his tasks and therefore prevent in–house DBA burnout. Studies have shown that it takes a new hire several months to become fully effective. For companies without in–house DBAs, we provide a full subcontract database administration solution at a very affordable price.

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